Independent Women

A few of our favorite Eastside Entrepreneurs bring their passion, beauty, and style to work!

All photos Megan McIsaac; April & May 2015

FLORENCE, owner of VAMP SHOESin Atelier Delphine dress, Tiro Tiro jewelry and her own shoes

HEATHER, owner of TWIG & TWINEin Kain Label top, Raleigh Denim jeans and her own shoes

JULIA, owner of GOGOSHA OPTIQUEin Atelier Delphine suit, Ali Golden blouse and her own jewelry; Salt glasses from Gogosha

MICHELLE, owner of DINOSAUR COFFEEin Clashist shirt and Dusen Dusen pants

RACHEL, owner of OTHERWILDin Dusen Dusen dress and her own jewelry

WHITNEY, owner of MYRTLEin Samantha Pleetdress, Nettie Kent necklace, Annie Costello Brown bracelets and her own shoes

Florence in Loup dress, In God We Trust necklace, Annie Costello Brown bracelet, Rennes wallet; shoes from Vamp

Heather in Kain Label dress and A Peace Treaty x Locals Only necklace

Julia in Vanessa Tao dress, Miista heels and her own jewelry; Thierry Lasry sunglasses from Gogosha

Michelle in Atelier Delphine dress, Nina Payne heels and 31Bits bracelets

Rachel in Atelier Delphine jacket, Ali Golden tee, Michelle Hur necklace and her own jeans

Whitney in Heinui dress, Annie Costello Brown bracelets and her own rings

Florence in Whit blouse, Wrk-Shp skirt, In God We Trust necklace and Annie Costello Brown bracelet; shoes from Vamp

Heather in H. Fredriksson dress, Tiro Tiro necklace and Nina Payne heels

Julia in Shelby Steiner dress, Wwake necklace and her own headwrap; Jacque Marie Mage sunglasses and Salt glasses from Gogosha

Michelle in Dusen Dusen dress and Osei-Duro necklace

Rachel in Shelby Steiner dress and Samantha Pleet x Wolverine boots; sunglasses from Otherwild 

Whitney in Diarte dress, Feral Childe scarf and Samantha Pleet boots

Florence in Samantha Pleet dress, Shari Wacks necklace, Annie Costello Brown bracelet and Rennes wallet; shoes from Vamp

 Heather in Family Affairs dress

Julia in Family Affairs dress and Nettie Kent necklace; Anne et Valentin sunglasses from Gogosha

Michelle in Vanessa Tao dress and Miista heels

Rachel in Jill Yee dress, Osei-Duro necklace and her own earrings

Whitney in Samantha Pleet jumpsuit and boots, Upper Metal Class necklace, her own rings


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