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Bodha Wellness

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  • organic incense
  • organic incense

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Experience the difference of incense made the traditional way using no fillers or additives. Bodha's blend of organic woods and essential oils results in a beautiful soft fragrance and a smokeless burn.

Made by master blenders on a small island in Japan renowned for its incense craftsmanship. Beautifully presented in our custom designed boxes and packed by hand in Bodha's Sydney studio.

Each box contains 60 x 30 minute incense sticks for a total burn time of 30 hours.

Available in four scents:

HANA - CALM: delicate floral notes of Lavender, Geranium & Rosewood

HINOKI - GROUND: soft wood notes of Japanese Cypress, Cedar & Bergamot

JUNSU - PURIFY: powdery floral notes of Pink Lotus, Daphne Odora & Jasmine

MIZU - REFRESH: green aqua notes of Cyclamen, Primrose & Jasmine

Simple brass holders are designed to allow you to direct the position of your incense and with the ability to accommodate the two most common sizes of incense sticks.

Made from Japanese brass by a 100-year-old foundry renowned for its Buddhist altar fittings. Each incense holder is cast and finished by hand using traditional techniques.

BODHA WELLNESS is designed and produced in Sydney, Australia, by Emily l'Ami

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