Krampus Soap

Schoon Soap

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  • Krampus Soap
  • Krampus Soap
  • Krampus Soap

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Small-batch, all-natural soaps with beautiful, modern packaging and without animal products, synthetic fragrances, or preservatives. Schoon soaps are made by the cold process method using oils and lye (sodium hydroxide). No lye remains after the saponification process—when the oils and lye are combined and agitated—just pure, clean, happy-making soap.

Special edition for the holidays! 

This unscented bar made with activated charcoal powder evokes the ruten, or bundle of birch twigs, Krampus carries to swat children. This bar is ideal for anyone who didn’t quite make the nice list this year—or anyone who appreciates the holidays’ dark side.

SCHOON SOAP is handcrafted by Stephanie Close in Brooklyn, New York.

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