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Soul Sunday

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Hand-blended aromatherapy oils to cure what ails you--roll onto temples, pulse points, and third eye.

100% natural and vegan with no parabens, dyes, or sulfates. In a rollerball 1/3 oz glass vial to carry with you on the go.

ALL-NIGHTER: for long travel days and working late, we made an oil to stimulate and refresh our tired brains. this cooling minty basil blend helps ward off migraines and increase focus.

EVEN KEEL: a blend of soft and sweet lavender oils for peace and balance. helps to relax nervous tension and quiet the mind for meditation and restful sleep. 

NO WORRIES: a combination of fine citrus essential oils that encourage the flow of creativity and promote a sense of well being.

UNICORN OIL: a cooling blend of magical oils that make your head feel really good. apply to temples, pulse points, and third eye to ease tension and harmonize. 

SOUL SUNDAY is designed and created by Kara Kochalko and Shea Hardiman in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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